Thanks To Tyler Barham for making our song "History" the title track of his new EP, which debuted at #7 on the Billboard Charts!
Thanks to Sim Balkey for recording our songs on his upcoming EP!
Thanks to David Shelby for recording and releasing "Sunny Places" and "In Like" on his new EP!

Guys, THE Robert K. Oermann reviewed my newest CD, "U-turn."
What a lick!  
...and on April 2nd, published his review:

DISClaimer: A Celebration of Songwriting
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Robert K. Oermann • April 2, 2015 •
It all begins with a song.
The thing that unites all of the standout records this week is that they all feature the craftsmanship that good country music has always boasted.
Whether it’s Zane Williams’s outstanding story lyric, Chris Stapleton’s road tune, Rich Karg’s cool description of momentary love without commitment, Toby Keith’s meditation on decaying society or Steve Azar’s musing about lost innocence these discs contain writing that makes me proud to be a country fan.
RICH KARG/Beautiful Distraction
Writers: Weston Burt/R. Karg/S. Mitchell; Producer: Rich Karg; Publishers: Rich Karg/Green Hills Music Group/Grin Like Dog, SESAC; Rich Karg Music; RK (track)
-This Nashville singer-songwriter is selling a CD titled U Turn at his gigs. It contains this deliciously melodic power ballad about hooking up with no strings attached. You big-time stars and producers out there need to be mining this and the other tunes on this collection for gold. Recommended listening.

-Check out Walker Hayes singing our tune, "PB&R."

You can now buy Walker's newest album on ITunes by clicking here!